Faces smashed by pain
And eyes drawned in the sea of despair
Oblivious souls, creatures of scorn
Are drowning down denied by everybody
They are turning to black shadows
Their darkness devours the light
There is no chance to see the sun again
The end is coming with a dripping rain
Darkness is blinding peoplesí eyes
It makes them shed bloody tears
The night reveals its secrets
The Mother of Nightmares gives birth to new grim fears
Repeat Ch:
Fear canít exist without the normal senses
Itís in the nature of every living thing
Surrounding humanís mind with iron fences
Those anguish restricts your strength in a little ring
Lead: Staffa

The war is a way of survival
The way we have chosen so far
By taking the guts of your rival
You know that you tear him apart
The life is a moment of fury
Death is a personal hell
Strength is a weapon to carry
Youíre loosing your anger to dwell
So close is the time of the glory
Your blood is starting to boil
Awaiting the victory trumpets
And smelling the bloodied soil
Repeat Ch:
After the battle you are standing alone
With no feelings and covered with scars
Now you realize what is the meaning
Of putting your life on a card
By night youíre staying awaken
The sleep always passes you since
You Ďve returned from this dreadful expirience
Embalmed in visions so grim
The sense of life now is different
Its colour has changed to black
The light of the days is so distant
But nobody noticed its lack

My hands are stretched in the dark
I keep my eyes open for you
The mind is infected with pain
And makes my heart terribly bleed
I'm standing cold like a gravestone
Waiting for thee ,dark harvester
Waiting to fly away,so far away
To the eternal oblivion
My soul begins to freeze
I became aware of your cold breath
My hands are opened to embrace
The dark spirit whoís coming for you
Repeat Ch:
Visions and shadows now is what i see
Nothing else has left for me
But my heart is resting,it is calm
Iím feeling nothing but indifference
The deadly dance is setting my soul free
And it is flying in the dark
Flying away with the Dweller
Swallowed eternaly by the blessed darkness
Repeat Ch:

Sometimes I feel my burning chest
As if somethings eating me inside
With thousands of nails
It scratches my veins
How can I fight with such a pain
Sometimes I smell my boiling blood
Which fills my eyes with screaming tears
I drown in the sea of my own fears
When my heart makes them real
It beats inside of me and and every stroke
Passes through my body and smashes my soul
But how can you feel the taste of life
Without the sorrow of the heartache which bitters
Repeat Ch:
I know that every time I'm asking for help
It never leaves me to be weak
And when I stand against my fears
It always tells me what to feel
Sometimes I cannot find the truth
So I just look inside of me
And ask my heart which way to go
It never lies to me I know
Someday the pain will stop for sure
But then I'll die it's so simple ironic
I have chosen my heart to be the only judge
Cause all the pain and joy are passing through its forge