The Neverending

MaxPain - vocals
Deimoz - guitars, vocals
Staffa - guitars, vocals
Articorse - bass, vocals
N.Kustev - drums

01. Servants Of Heaven
02. Years Of Distrust
03. Like A Curse
04. By Peace He Shall Destroy Many (Instrumental)
05. Death Comes With A Smile
06. Illusion Of Justice
07. Black Sea (Instrumental)
08. The Day
09. Destroy!
10. Slavery

Release date: 24.09.2012
Format: CD
Label: self-released

Produced by Astaroth and The Revenge Project
Recorded at Set Nitro Studio, Burgas, in 2010-2011
Mixed by Astaroth and Staffa in Set Nitro Studio
Mastered by Astaroth in Set Nitro Studio, March-April 2011
All lyrics, music & arrangements by The Revenge Project
Cover artwork by Svetoslav Vassilev

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can buy the album:
- online directly form The Revenge Project via Facebook
- online through 'AMAdea Records'
- online through 'Wizard' Ltd.
- online through 'Metal Katehizis' /for Bulgaria only/