The Dawn Of Nothingness

MaxPain - vocals
Deimoz - guitars, clean voice & screams
Staffa - guitar, vocals
Astaroth - bass, programming
Kalhas - drums, programming & vocals

01. Swallow The Dark
02. Unreal Is My Trip
03. New Kind Of Religion
04. A Destiny Forlorn
05. Sunrise Is Black
06. Anger To Dwell
07. The Heart
08. No Chance... To See The Sun Again
09. Outside World
10. The Growing Mirror
11. The Deadly Dance

Release date: 24.05.2005
Format: CD
Label: Stain Studio

All music and lyrics by The Revenge Project (except lyrics on "New Kind Of Religion" by Nedyalko Ivanov and "Swallow The Dark" by G. McManus)
Recorded and mixed in Astaroth's Studio ("Set Nitro") between June'03 and February'04
Mastered at "Stain Studio" (February'05)
Cover design by Firebliss (SPV Design)
Photos by Stoyan Barakov (Barak-off)